Friday, 20 March 2015

Netenyahoo breaks Hypocrisy Instrumentation

Netenyahoo breaks Hypocrisy Instrumentation
the world gets whiplash
but its clear to see
there is no two state solution
in Benji's heart
Maybe he just finished watching
Seaons three episode five of Vikings
settlers change everything

To put it mildly he
walks a crooked path
both Goggle Maps
and the NSA would
surrender trying to
track his toucan

He makes Frank Underwood
look trustworthy
he is a superb politician
who won his country
the number one old fashioned
scare the hell out of the people
and frame it in a way
you and you alone
can keep the evil away

The voters are always right
and with proportional representation
extremely higher levels of participation
the election was a shining beacon of democracy
in a world where that's rare.
So good luck to Israel
its easy for me to say 
looks like there are better 
chances today
that hopping down the bunny trail will
come the Heart of Darkness
Rabbit Bomb Blues

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