Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Canada extends its mission propoganda

(has anyone else noticed he has the same deer in the headlights look as Dion Phenuf)

Just when peace was breaking out
and the end of history was in sight
we had 911
how convenient 
for the military industrial complex

A perfect foil was Al quads
they could sting but
never bite
it was an air tight
to increase military might
the Flintstones
in those cave
might make a suitcase nuke
and travel to the USA

We now know this is all all false
as the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction
but now we are going into round three
with ISIS
the perfect opponent 
created some where
by a super brain
who was a Bob Dylan fan.

Seriously we lost Afghanistan
We lost Iraq
and now the powers
that be can use the same old
Gobbles story
to take on a new paper tiger
that is stagecraft on the 
world stage indeed

Fighting ISIS so we cant be contradicted
there is no real objective
no victory in sight
just degrade
and degrade
there will never no be
a victory over ISIS parade
or even a Libyan victory
no just terrified citizens
voting in droves
to keep the Islamic bogeyman
from their door.

Thinkaboot it you brain
trained Zombies
is there any message
that will reach your lizard brain
activated can

All I can say is I am doing the best
I can to save the walking dead
from true death
the kind the anxiety
and apprehension
the government and media
are whipping up
to make us live
in a state of fear
and with that
life expectancy goes
down like
a JDAM bomb
exploding on target
and all the pols
that pulled that trigger
do not care
for them yesterday is tomorrow
and the electoral fight
is day to day 
rhetorical combat
where victory is
just being in the moment

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