Thursday, 12 March 2015

Marshell Mcluan and the Lizard Brian

Orwell was certianly inspired by his time like Auldous Huxley and we could have made a million betiting on that dime

Remember a Time when all those SONY TV and Toyota where taking over America?
That is as false then and now
as Shia from Iran
taking over Sunni from Tikrit
the birthplace of Saddam
who my have had all his secrects
but by the scale of what
is governence in the middle east
may be some kind of
Arabic Chirchill
And did you know
this cigar brandy smoking
sniffer who was born to privilage
invented concentrain camps
and gas warefare
and yet he is in bronze
I expect to be frozen and wake up 
in a future
where Gwb
is walking the streets 
promoting democracy

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