Thursday, 12 March 2015

Been In a Richard Ivey schooled Ethical Time

One thing insults my intelligence overall
its the media
false reporting on Brian Burke
and now Dion Pheuf

This is nothing new and it 
happened a long time ago
to the mastermind
at the Leaf helm
did he marry Craig Janneys
I do not know if its true
obviously not
because no organisation in their
right mind would hire a guy
who plucked roses in the 
dressing room/

Look I am not talking about the Leaf
with Brian Burke in overtime
I am talking about today
20 years later
and the Capetian's
of the titanic
avoiding ice bergs

history records not today
but yesterday
the richest franchise in 
the history of violent sport
has been handicapped by
some invisible source
and i would say that
is trying to make money
from sport

Lots of people do this
just naturally but the LeaF
on the NHL
and became

The complete disconcert
from reality continues 
in Leaf HQ
Fire everyone is the first
step from this self inflicted 
fire storm
everyone involved is a fuck up
or a toady
at the very least curring
a blue and white disease forward
time for a huge cull

Now sensibly the Leaf bring
in a mastermind of hockey
Brenden Shannahan
he married one of his tea mates
girlfriends or was it his wife
I DO noT  have the powers to 
investigate gate this rationally
and this is the way
the brain trust
wants to breed in the 
sheepple Toronto fans

Yeah a guy who stole from 
the pool of team solidarity
is our great leader
I laugh and cry
but it should be important
to the worl;d
that Montreal can Play
Toronto with something on the line
except which scoundrels
are sleeping with the enemy

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