Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Steve's year in review

Lots of ditto here. So I am only going to go with whats new. But there is no reason not to thank for another great year: Moeman, Allen, Simon and James for taking the Bullshit out of Blogging every day or so.

Person of the Year is John Tory
Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary thats Canada with one finger left for the collective. These cities are where the boots meet the ground in forging our future. Toronto is the most important and it has been rudderless for four years. John Tory has the CV to do great things. I both wish him well and pray he can do the improbable if not the impossible.

Best Movie is Edge of Tomorrow! (No late breaking Interstellar message)
It was really a toss up with Guardians of the Galaxy. The Edge went to the Edge because the plot is so inventive. Also in for consideration Snowpiercer be sure to see all three.

There is no best new music, no new best new book. Mostly my fault I am sure but nothing new crossed my threshold.

Best New TV show is the The Librarians
The two part pilot was tier two goofy. I have only seen one real episode. Rebecca Aile Romijn of noticeable Dutch ancestry is just totally captivating. I also would recommend Black Sails and The 100.

Best new Montreal Canadian Jiri Sakac
Size, skill and smarts. On the smarts part he signed with Montreal. This is a win win for Hab Culture and no other team in the NHL has such soft power.

Best New Car the BMW i8
Its Electric!!!

Worst Fear for 2015 is a no brainer. Steve Harper gets re elected.

Best Hope for 2015
Three D printing takes off. Leaving China to suck it big time.

Best informed people in 2015; those who read my nonsense. Thank You!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Steve!

    Good pick for best movie. Of the non-sequels, Edge of Tomorrow is my favorite.

    The Librarians is a good pick for TV series. It is a lot of fun, and that Christmas special with Bruce Campbell was a blast!