Monday, 1 December 2014

Ray RIce, ISIS and Ethical Oil.

Our beloved prophetic Prime Minster defined government as an institution dedicated to the creation of a just society. I fear this has become a bridge to far. Government has become an Institute for Hypocrisy Management.

Ray Rice cold cocked his wife in an elevator. I wonder what percentage of men world wide have done the same thing behind closed doors. Way to many for sure, and one is too many. However humans are imperfect animals and maybe those with roid rage are worse. The NFL has a culture that may tolerate aggressive behaviour, and drug cocktails to enable humans to do inhuman things every Sunday. I must once again bring out my favourite chestnut from the movie Apocalypse Now. " To arrest a man for murder during war (Vietnam War) is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500.  Ray and his wife are longtime companions. She does not strike me as a abused spouse. If she is willing to walk as far as she has with Ray, I am ready to give him a second chance. In my eyes he has PSTD, a warrior out of control who lost it.

ISIS is certainly a mutation of the Wahbism promulgated and spread around the world with deep pockets by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Taliban, and Al Queda preceded this new fundamentalist horror show. It appears Turkey is okay with ISIS and may in fact be aiding them.  There is smoke if not fire that funding for ISIS comes from great friends like Kuwait, Qtar and Saudi.  So Orwellian, so typical so representative of the way the world really works. We have met the enemy and its us and our friends.

Ethical Oil is a Republican Frank Luntz inspired label to put lipstick on a pig. Why do we not have ethical cotton, plastic and silicone?

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