Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentines day 2017

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Whats to love
for me
except my 1982
bride who looks
stunning today

My Kids are mostly
of the dole
one is self sufficant
the other likely to
follow in a big way
government job
freedom forever
and what would
be wrong if we all
worked for the goverment
and lived like kings
in this world

My Valentine is Eldon Musk
maybe he is a fuck up
and it will all come
crashing down
but he has used
the Steve J0bs
reality distortion field
better than anyone
in history

I give a valintine to Justin Trudeau
he make me proud to be a Canadian again
unlike Stephen Harper who
made me skulk in dark

Vladimer Putin gets one
for destroying the end
game in Syria
which was an run

This guy may
be a James Bond villian
but compared to
the alternatives in
he is a superhero

Brendan Gallagher
who today is the heartbeat
of the rouge blanc and blu
finally called out PK  Subban
for being a narcissists with
demonic tenancies

Thats to strong
I like PK and
approve of
all that he

It been a bad
year for
next year
is going to
be much worse
so put something
in the frezzer

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