Saturday, 10 February 2018

On being a Montreal Canadiens fan in the 21st century

Image result for images of guy lafleur with the cup
It hurts
It hurts
a lot
it hurts
with every loss
and it hurts
with every
and this
puts us
in a lottery
where we
will never

We are the Montreal Canadiens fans we have faced this kind of adveristy manytime before and won. Acutually thats something Trump would say, we are in a brand new world of hurt with handcuffs.

The NHL is right now functionally dysfunctional. A handful of team wanting to win the cup. A handful of teams looking for those royalty cheques from Canada and trying not to spend a cent over the bottom cap, and the rest of the league tanking, full submarine no stealth looking for a franchise player that can cut through the crap and win in the the today./

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