Saturday, 17 February 2018

Shirley Mr Mueler you are not Ferris Bueler Serious

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The team decided inditing 666 Russians
meant too much paper work so they
settled on thirteen. Eighteen months of intense
detective work by the worlds superpower found
13 Russians with not a single computer science degree amongst them working at a rathole in Stalingrad
attempted to throw the 2016 American election.
Talk about Hubris when they only had a budget
of 1.35 million dollars. I take my "facts" from the
documentary evidence of the crime. Facebook may be
the greatest gift ever to the enemy in terms of asymmetric warfare.
You dont need to train, just sign up and spout off.

13 Russian masterminds pretended to be Americans
and cat-fished the election. Okay lets accept that as fact.
It seems plausible that Russia was conducting some social media
experimentation.  Evidence indicates the starting point was 2014, and the efforts
to discreet or support went both ways. The FBI claims the Russians were very meticulous in analysis of the impact like a blogger checking stats religiously for clues of which way to go.

Remember Colin Powell testifying before the UN. He brought out some CHeech and Chong outtakes and presented them as Gospel. No one at the time questioned why the Iraqi commanders where speaking English.  In the case of the Russians there is some similar troubling evidence. One of the accused its claimed e mailed a confession to her mother. 

" Hi Mom, its seems the FBI has Scooby Dooded us and I am a invester, not really a real estate agent, so I will be late for dinner as I have to delete everything before Shaggy sees it."

Bottom line as I understand using the American facts: 13 Russians worked like a Vendi round the world sailboat team to muck up the US election. They had a budget of 1.35 million dollars and spent $100,000 on facebook. The rest was all vodka and hiring US activist. Initially they did not know who the candidates would be, but as soon it was clear Hillary was one and Trump was the other they thought Trump would be better for Russia. (thats the one true thing, for anyone in competition with America Trump was the number one draft pick)

Follow the money is what the wise men say, and over and over except in the case of mental illness they have been proven right.  So in this case we have spending of about two billion dollars by the US side and 1.35 million wasted by the Russians as the FBI has clearly stated: Russian efforts had zero effect on the election and there where no US citizens culpable. The Russians played Vegas and the house won and they will get a plot of land in the dessert forever.

Putin must be a Yeltsin for every approving a plan with extreme risks, and no chance of reward.

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