Monday, 12 February 2018

Andrew Scheer the eptomoy of poltical evil

He has been so
strident in question
period questioning
something for which
we have all the answers
and in the big scheme
of things its like
where the PM
filled up his
classic SL

We know he has one
we know his father
was our greatest
PM despite being

by standards of yesterday
and today
hardly rich
but Stephen Harper
the mail room guy
at Exxon
how much money does
he have today
after living a life
where he never
had a non goverment
and perhaps Adrew Scheer
faces the task to reap this
wishes  and I would give
him this pearl of wisdom
from the USA 
which is where every time
he speaks he tells us
we should always live

Blankety Blank Senator
from Philadelphia had
a thousand children
at the taxpayers
and they were
mostly retards
because of his
but he kept trying
again and again
because he was
a sick individual
who could'
not accept
the rule\
of nature

Mr Scheer your gowing
down and I expect
it will be because
you live in
Vic Towes 

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