Thursday, 22 February 2018

Sense of adventure

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I grew up in an incredibly
safe world
a place where
doors never locked
philosophic extended
to cars as well
because people
well they just
did not steal

The world was
a safe place
and then
we let in the immigrants
and all that dissappeared
like humpty dumpty
you can not 
bring back
a fairy tale egg
cause thats
what it was
due to our
we lived
like gods
without any
special powers
from above
except for
freedom from
and abuse
(we gave the Native people
everything up the ass to our 
eternal shame)
that was our
secret society
we all agreed
not be be be
asking for
more than justice
based upon the truth

The world changed with
Trudeau and this is a world
I embrace
the fairy tale place
could never meet
the embrace
of the giant tides
moving our earth
but I have to 
living in 
a fairy tale
world was
the best
except for
it was boring
and more
or less

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