Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Oyster Yachts Bankrupt

Image result for images of oyster sailboats
If you have never
dreamed of sailing
the seven seas
this headline
will mean nothing
and life will go
on as before
unless you were
partnered with the
enterprise that
just went bust

Oyster was to sailing
what Bentley or Rolls Royce
are to cars
beautiful meticulous creations
that move
at great expense
in perfect style

I used to love the brand
before I started to look
and the boats are plastic
and the marketing fantastic
no serious sailor would
buy one unless they thought
that burning money was
the best way to see
the world everyday

Plastic and Carbon Fiber boats
are just for the very rich
if you really want to sail
go aluminum
and titanium
believe it or
not stainless
steel does not
do well in continued
exposure to the sea

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