Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Clean the pots and get excellence

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 I bought my first stereo
and I know no one says
that anymore, pity

Just like the utes
like cardboard tomatoes
and sickly fries
they love
bad audio

I have seen the advance
of sound hit the wall
now video is still moving
and audio is getting dragged
to some extent
behind the car

I bought my 3020
from a smooth talking
salesman in Orillia
My first real paychek
was just over a thousand
dollars take home
in 1983
thats five thousand
dollars today
for comparison
and I spent it all
on something
I loved

At this point in life
I had already proposed
and there was nothing
that impress a new wife
more than a man
with a good stereo

For my money
I got a Dual turntable
German engineering at
its best spinning the 
vinyl platters just so
and getting every gram
of sound out 
with the touch of
angles on a pin

That fucking salesman
also sold me on another
pioneer concept
Magnaplanner speaker
which where a poor
mans electrostaticsc
but they light
up my ears

So I walked away
near 40 years ago
with stuff
that works today
better than you
can buy for
five thousand
dollars today
in the electronics
thats a best buy

You can do it today
and real cheap
get a 3020 on
upgrade the capcitors
and clean the pots
and you will 
hear the differance
for a couple of hundred
bucks as opposed to
a few thousands

My 3020 continues
to pump today
when I go heavy
on the decibles
it will shut down
due to the heat factor
by when the fan
goes down
it works
every after

If you got a classic piece
of audio manufacture
that sound kind of
scratchy do not despair
its totally normal
because of the
just open the case
squirt in some magic
juice and you
will be fucking
in full stereo

Rock on
Rock on well
Rock on with
great sound
and video
as well
you only
live once
do not accept
and if you can
not afford
buy cheap
fix or repair

and reap

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