Monday, 18 July 2016

The Times they are a changing:Dylan warring it may get false pretence

Now the times they are a changing
was not an organ thought
its just that the know humanity before hand
had never exprexxesd the obvious
in such an obvious way
and it look like that lesson
will soon all be

I took as strange trip on a cab door
he had a skateboard on the frame
and a little handhold
clouting the window
the driver said why
cant you uber with one
and I told her i predated
the massive data programming
training style.
so she charged me a premium
for being suspect
facial recognition
will reveal
in less than
thrity seconds
what might me pre
identity be
before I went
into cyber warfaresd
well let me educate you
goat herders of history
you leaders who missed
a chance to feast and learn on
historrys main course instead
like Tony Blair you had to go
for the money first.

I wear cyberpunk cloth
every day
Swen with graphite
up and down the spectrum
as all carbon based life forms
remain trapped by carbon
when Hydrogen is the most plentiful
element in the universe
and won every vote
untill carbon moved to earth
and we made carbon proud
proclivities produduciong pumps
of black thought to darken the ages
and a Sheila tough enough
to resist the lazer beam of intelligence
that needs to power our thoughts onto
a distant galaxy to be
lost for billions of years
if a future intelligence finds
its bored and needs a new
reality show
cause our lives
in our soap obera
where real

Now reading the above you
might think I am a Scientoltogist
programed to steal your thoughts

I  just want this stupid human race
to out grow adolecenece
amd behave
we can run this world
or lose it

the problem with people
choosing is that it has proven
to be a blind end
best described
by Authur C Clark
you know the guy
that invented the satillite
and wrote sci fi
so hard
he could end
world war
with his words
if every one  at the top
where real lkf goes
on breaths
paid attention
to every elememt
of keeping society alive
and did not juxt spend
hours ruling if my town
should have a raild gun
aimed at Chinese Satlilltees
just in case dome day
my neiboughrour had
Chinese spooks
looking from
a thousand kilometers or
more how big
was the ornament
on my

Well I cant tell all the facts
due to a data lockout on that
going way back
but four shure
due to all the attacks
there is going to be
some fighting back
and it makes me scared
because  its so uneccsary
and anyone can not or no
or maybe yes to possible to
get along and just be happy
raise our kids and sing
tangled up in blue
and anything else

Every day we live now day
is long past the future
people going back
as nine teeeeeeeeen
nighteen  nighteen
sixty threee
when time died
for civilization
due to the
extremetly accurate
projections in un believable
speed  from unbelievable
angles hit more than you
no matter what
you motherfucker
you should have figured
out the Pa"nsid
long before Clay
put you down
like the CIA
warned you when
you signed up
hey kid
if you go to Russia
and defect
shoot down
Francis Gary Powers
and then redefect
to the USA with
a very hot wife
at least idendified
by the traitor
Stephen King
sorry Dude in who
my belief ripped off
the black mesa
for all the inspervation
or vice vesrsdadaadf

legal for who cares
Stephen King
to people that
read and write
or transmipit
the immersive
beauty of the
written word
who will understand
flat words when immersive
universives can make
them useful as guards
cause if you do not thinkab00t\
think about religion
and all it brings
and what if the CIA
was  populaatecd the same way

Pokeman Go people google
and you will have the new
thninking abooot place to go
and think abpooot whats
going on
cause if you never
lived through the Nixon
years there is no
clear place to go
Burriing down the house
is not a harvest only the
most accoplished farmers
would know and if you
ask the expertss
they will say
dont ask me the
FDA should know

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