Thursday, 14 July 2016

Mary Jane the anagram for Pokeman

Hey Mary Jane
you know your
everyone wants
to be called
by your name
and when they go to Mexico
the cartels label
the stuff they send north
the same way
and every car built on the slave labour
line is welded with your blood
and sweat
just grateful for the dead
and they are not one
its yeats
and chacuher
and quilts of fiber opticsa\
doging the bullets to 
get pokeman monsters from the street

What can we say about the hulu
wheel its was an ancient polynisisn
dance appropriated in plastic that
swept the world away
and made everyone the same
just swinging those hip
in a skillful way
and now from Japan
we have high techj
understanding of basic 
human nature
leading us around
guided by satillites
making us anime heros
without drawing
a dime

When a single cultural totem can pole the world
we should have great respect for the creator
human god

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