Friday, 8 July 2016

half a billion dollars later I am no richer in love

Your extraordinary
cause you make 
me feel primarily
in love
and that is not a simple feat
and its hard to sustain
but girl you got stamina
and I never feel
any pain

I told you at your doorstep
nothing more beautiful
would every pass
but your way more
than a pretty face
and a fantastic ass

I think the mad scientists
who created the universe
have some special interest
in our living truth
so we should be flattered
and take full
its not often the God
love your love

I filter through the people
that could be in my face
yours is one they could
never replace
cause the connection
we both have
is like advanced science
and no one in this world
has an implement so
they could interupt the transmission
that goes on in the kitchen
the rooms with no friction
and just a place
where my mission is glad

Beside you I am happy
away I am glum
its all ones and zeros
when your with 
the right one

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