Thursday, 21 July 2016

Arch Duke Ferdinands last stand

Arch Duke Ferdinand's last stand
was in star crossed
with evil
He died real bad
his skin was fried
but we call
a person who believes in or tries to bring about anarchy
nihilist, insurgent, agitator, subversive, terrorist,revolutionary, revolutionist, insurrectionist
Now that covers a lot of intellectual
and a unexamined ocean
in the public eye of
political topography
cause how can the death
of one dilettante
go global
go viral literally
if gas warfare
is a virus
in one of civilisations
most catastrophic events
putting bricks into
place that never
should have been laid
and now a century latter
we are doing
home world
Consider Pheboes
before facebook
was even imagined
let alone invented
social media
it was a bitch in
the old days

Good old WW1
perhaps the most stupid
war in history
was won
and the victors took
all the spoils
so greedy that
they left a Mahler
from Austria
without a tip
and he was outraged
and would not
let this insult
and the German people
felt the same way
they lost and Kaiser
and their currency
and the City of London
said Fuck off and Die
but we are long on
the NAZI

The world returned
to the same old
fiefdoms and empires
and everyone was kind
of content
until some one pulled the
plug on the roulette table
and out spilled Rosmary
reality and the Jack of Hearts

The great depression was
the first phycotic
episode of modern economics
the time where the invisible hand
penetrated the chest cavity
and grapped the heart
because the brain
was worthless

High on the speed of currency the world
crashed because of false assumptions
and ballooning cash
wealth creation
its a hard to establish

And the people became ugly
and depressed
and inchorent
because the most
reliable book of the day
was the bible
and its sole economic message
was something about
throwing out the moneychangers
which post 1929
became the Jews
Ironically when the shit hit the fan
the man that warned everyone
a Jew
was held accountable

I tend to drift off subject
in an interview
like I see by the light in your
eyes and I would never
really want to work here
because your soulless
and chasing the nickel
and not even Jewish

I am not a big fan of the current
state of Isreal
I see Netanyahoo
not as evil
just another clown
looking to fill his
pockets with scheckls
will every one else
is concentrating on all
the Mcgiver missiles
falling down
on the iron dome

I diverge for a reason
to remind you all
about the boss
all men want to be rich
the rich man want to be king
the king is never satisfied
until they rule everything
well the Jews understood
this from the time they realised
unrefrigerated pork is
going to kill you

So the Jews
were the first kickstarters
of entrepreneurs they knew and
and over the centuries
a persecuted people
made gold out of strife
all because of the false
narrative that is was
the Jews who gave
the false Jesus the

We can never deal
with our myths effectively
if we ignore the truth
Jesus no more walked
on water than I
he made no more
water into wine
than the Napa Valley
where drought
and climate change
may make them dry
his multiplication of
fishes I cant explain
could of been some
kind of fish run
and as for the healing
it could be true
this is the one element
of the Jesus story
thats rings like a bell
because we are biological
and we now use
that to cure cancer well

Readers of history know
well saving the Jews
was not even a plan
they just happened upon
the Holocaust
and were horrified
at what young Winstons
concentration camps
had Darwined too.
and again I got to go
so far into the future \
while I examine the past
6 million Jews died
or maybe more
or maybe less
but its a significant \
number nevertheless
and in a Star Wars
the screen would
have felf the effect
I witness with pain
the terrorism
that exists today
accross a broad
and no dusty
retreat in invundreable
to its pain
Germany today
is the worlds leader
in Evey metric expat
ability to end the earth
and for that I feel glad
but but but but
they are failing to reproduce
genuk gut deutch to keep
the dream alive
and would they not love
six million faithful
loving intelligent
culture creating
scientist braving
citizens back today

Okay time to move on
to world war 2
which was totally
orchestrated by the USA
it was all about taking
England down
and making the colonies
number one
and it was the
City of London
who was the guilty one

No doubt Hirohito and Hitler
needed a trip to the woodshed
and likely neither one
would every listen to reason
but intelligent people
could have found
a better way to pave
the superhighway
to the future
but I also know
this wiill never happen
unless someone in
the sky paves
the roads in
permanent granite

After WW2 which was
bigger than Kardashian
he world was in
and the mycologist
took over
we are a medical patient
in the Hospital from hell

The gunfighter position
used to be a good bet
to emerge from an unexpected
with gunmen
who bet they
could take you
cause you
had some interest
in which they did
not believe
or maybe just
a lucrative reward
turned a farm boy
who could not read
into a skilled assassination
without a reason to
lone gunman
take the express

Today for me it
July 21 two thousand and sixteen
and I am glad to be alive
cause when I wake up
in the morning
the first thing I want
to know
is the grass
on the right side

So are we totally fucked
or going to survieve
this is a question
no person has ever
had to consider
and now its our

We gotta stop using so many
resources thats for sure
and population control
is neccesary
you can drive a car
you can buy a gun
and you need a license
but to have a kid
you have to ask
no one

We need a lic
and a procedue to have
the best genes
are just past puberty
lets harvest them
and store them well
then screen out all the defects
and give the parents
who are ready
a perfect baby ball

The future can not support
passangers and while this may
sound really facist its the truth
the planet we know that supports
life is dieing
does not matter if humans
did it at all
the fact is we need
to deal
and in the wilderness
the sick will not
be caried at all
and thats not of course
the world I wish for
at all
but when there is not
enough food
water or oxygen
what are you going to do
and I dont want to be
there life of Pi
so please listen
when I say to you
you gotta do something
or this world is

Footnotes always appropriate
so the killer was just a lone wolf
no need to worry
do we not see this over
and over and 
if we were in a hurry
to got to a good place
we would bury all the
lone gunman corspes

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