Monday, 4 July 2016

Suban and sport collide cause they have the same Agenda me

Subban and sport collide cause they have the same Agenda me
its not often the serfs and masters meet in
the marketplace
and exchange handshakes
and pleasantries
and it soon tuns to war
because the individual thinks
he can over lord
the master
and no matter how great
no matter how generous
the serf will die
or be traded to another 
master hoping for 
a more observeraznt slave
and that is professional hockey'
well paid slaves
who just pick the crooners
and hit in the coroners
and if they want to be
better than than that
ask the coack
2who alwasys says no noon ono
I coudl not do that

My team my Habs traded
away a lottery pick
for a guy who
never gambles
and I as a fan
am bi polar
but no matter what
I am assured
if we cant win
we will make money
and prostitute our hockey
to the dessert and the plains
and country music
and swampland in Florida
that no one can explain
expect corporate nihilism 
is complete and 
we fans
arre cannon fodder
cause when the numbers don
not add up we
will be dead

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