Friday, 15 July 2016

Les Boys does the violent ice ballet

Les Boys does the violent ice ballet
and I am not talking about anyone LGBT
no I am reffering to the rouge blacnc bleau
of Le Club Canandian of Montreal
the most storied franchise in the
Sports Entertainment biddness
Les Boys does Ballet
and cabera in Berlin
the capital city in the world
today for any one that
wants to hang out
Between the Germans and the Japanese
you have the puzzle peices
to build the wall
against violence
to build it so strong
there is no chance of advance
in the defense
of liberty
and art
and culture
war is all about
access to the above
but if it where all
free we would all be free
and no one would die
for money
and is that not

I am talking about ideas
bigger than the latest goalie
I am talking about the danger
of suri gerius and the
hockey player
just to fill in one layer
I never read Zen
and the art of motercyle maintence
but the trade of Pernnell KarL Subban
was Zen like
what we do not value
we discard
warrior like
to listen to Marc Bergivan
is to hear a lot of things
you cant quite believe
and the hits keep on comming
and he is no Alvin Toffler when
it comes to explaining change.

I think Las Vegas should hold a competition
to pick the new GM. MCPHEE!! ist corporitus
the person who plays in a tourney from opening
to the stanley highlighs
and wins
is the New GM
layers of soothsayer
but when it comes
to make them fly
mommy you open
the moon door

So if Bergy is bugsy
or a little bit stupid overall
we are going to shed at least one
important asset in the new
team dilutes the talent
lottery draft

The hockey Gods
Sharia law
lays down the rules
and the meausure
and the nebouls
of what the hockey
Gods will allow
all the old guard
wake up every morinig
and repeat that vow

My uncle played for Eddie Shore
I am not trying to discount WW2
when I say he was the Hitler of Hockey
total code
no humanity left
for that kind of guy
and my instant feeling
hearing about the PFK
trade was just as I have
always predicted
was assasinated

It was a shock I long
expected because I read
the news and watch
the syblols flow
and the words
slime and in reality
everything is
sinking into some kind
of berm
but the talet keeps our
heads above water
and if they can figure out
sewage and waste disposial
they can win the cup
skating backwards
I look forward to game
seven where the accountants
try to take on the Lions in the Winter
its my favorite book
in the world of today
a total fantasy
but its true
the world once thought
the future was a dream
not a nightmare
and this is just talking
about hockey

Everybody even blue
should watch the PK
goodbye on SN
what a terrfic good guy
a real Beliveau
Danke God
that Subban played
for my team

In Hockey heavan
there will be infinte
results because in heaven
you determine everything all
the time
unless you choose to interact
because you can resist
twentyfour seven
brainstem porn
at twenty units per hour.

Okay we are a few year
from the time where
selling illegal apps
gets you more time in
prison than selling
some cannabis
named amped

If I had a choice
I would choose to
be overamped
when making
management decisons
like a compter
prediciting outcomes
for everyone

and now back to analiticys
and the PK trade
where the montreal
number station
was taken out
without a tweet
and if the messanger
was a crow
it was shot dead.

So we traded away a black guy
cause his cock was to big for
the room
well if this was the case
we can easily solve this\
mystery with a tape measure
with analytics our top 3
will all have a 12 inch penis

I hate to sail offcouse
with a football story
in a  hip hop club
in Montrea
that turned sticky
but I got to opine
about a gay man in the
locker room filled
mostly with white cream

So if i was in the womens locker room
in any team sport  I would
have a world class hardon
and I have nothing
against anyone of any gender
and would welcome anyone
as friend dispite googel maps

We have google mapped
marc bervigin
and his coach
who has had
and in the
brain area
they found
it devoud
of math
the whole
cranium was
completely eMTy

PK was traded because the coach did not like the way he handled the puck.
Hey PK your just an overpaid entertainer who thinks that when you
you play hockey its alwasy attack, the cuture of hockey is not to win
the game blocking a shoot with your face
thus proving you really liked
to win in a demostrateble way
exept for
scoreing more
and not
living for a year on

To quote Leonard Cohen and everyone who
ever made a mistake
intellectual rope burns
are the worst kind
because they damage
the brain
and hockey at the level of a jet
going supersonic
rests there,

One time not to long ago
we had the first round
draft pick from Quebec
some kind of French
ambition to pre empt
hunger games

The NHL for sure
put some kind of
protective cover
over living next
door to someone
who grew up
and developed
his talents here
maybe he should
move away
for better

I have never been payed
to play hockey
I have always
throughout my carrer
had to pay for ice time
despite the fact I was
the top scorer of the day

Sport is the white man expression of tribalism
the orginal people put that feeling into
every thought
and thats what
we need to bring the cup home
to the dusty shelf
where it belongs

Shea Weber
now thats a name
that belongs on death row
he plays like your
warrior avatar
you play
at any level
he is going
to take you
off your game
thingking about
what food
they serve
at the local hospital

PK never wanted to hurt anyone
beyood Brad Marcchand
I think the French Trust
realized he had fire on ice
but we need a fireman
on d

I kinda agree
in the game today
Bobby Orr
does not exist
and PK
he still played
that way

thats me get r done and if you fail, your not surprise
cause the big one mostly end with you swaping wifes
with your neignbour,. This may not be one of the Googel behaviors
but I asure you when you come from a place that 
will never change, anything is possible
and I just got to say
this works
humans organizatial way s
no computer could ever

U love something I udrdxstand
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklas t 

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