Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Phones

The phones ring
like a curse that is digital
but seemed to be anlog
in their worth

and they ring and ring
and ring and ring some more
and their is no answer
ecpect to ring no more

Ring a dingy more
and like a life raft
I answer and take
that call cause
I almost drownd
not in water but
in higthwater
in a flodd of
when I was just
puking mud
and being mad
and still had
my Dad

still the phone rings
and I answer hopefuly
and then I am shattered
its a call from not from
native sprites
but from INAI
some bastrard in Mubai
go me in his head
and he needs
some delivery from
me to keep his
children feed
and I want to brush him
off with a first world
fast ball
but I already
have three strikes
against me
so I offer some relief
by saying
at least your not]
from Pakistain

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