Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Temporal Lovrs

temporal lovers can bring real heat

but it will never registrar

because the laws of thermodynamics dictate

conservation of energy

and when the time

has been spent

without proper alignment

no amount of proper management

will let temporal lovers

ever touch and feel

what those living in the real

time always take for granted

like it will always be there

and so well positioned

we talk to our friends

constantly about some aspect

of it all the time

while temporal lovers

only dream of a new future

or a altered past

and for sure of those

two option

changing time wins

the prize for dangerous

every time

Temporal lovers can only travel

on public transit

because the car

would place them so

close that contact might

be imagined

and that would just

make temporal love

way way way wy


Temporal lovers all become

amateur physicists as they

seek solutions to the

fact of relativity

that make love go

from bad to worse

because the difference

in age

has no scientific cure

except gene therapy

and its still a temporal


for would a vampire

suck the life out of a youth

just with the promise of eternity

if the young had never lived

without the wisdom of the old

and still make mistakes

but progress past what it mean

to think old

Stealing youth is a crime

no matter how many thousands

of years will pas

the stain of the original crime

will forever impact

and one just has to ask

what kind of temporal lover

does that in any


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