Thursday, 17 December 2015

Meltdown LOve

Yeah baby thats
what the years
have given me and you

My mind is not my own
our totally own me
and when I try to
its a meldown
meltdown of love
it do not leave
any phycisal screens
or insects of love
that might crawl back
and destroy the presetnt

Meltdown of love
its nuclear
and loving Fuckishima
because I am envoled
with love in that plan
cause I love you so
much I would eat radiation
for lunch and asa gohan

Baby baby baby
its like I just do not
not knw
were teh world begins
and you end
your legs are
so long
but I want to walk
with you forever
so that should be clear
and if I do
I know that we can
live without any atmosphere
casue my love is oxygen
and I breathe it to you

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