Friday, 11 December 2015

love yu love yu and thats no curse

women fall in love with me all the time
just a hungrarian curse
with big eyebrows and
eyes full of mirth

I love to take it on
but at the end of of day
make it clear
I love an Irish princess
so beautful and wonderful
everytime I see her
it makes me want to

She is so beautiful
its hard on my heart
cause everytime I see
her it stops
and it take a few moment
to start
and then I am fully pumped up
for her

What a queen
she is a beauty that
is rarely seen
and for sure beyond capture
I am so lucky
to be in her

Love you babe all the way
love you forever
cause thats the way
I see life in your eyes

Love you so much it hurts
and as proof see the tears
that come from my eyes
everytime I see or think of you
your perfect and I balacne out the ]
equation by being worse

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