Thursday, 24 December 2015

Rubbing shoulders and finding the one

Rubbing shoulders with Presidents
oil barons  Saudi scum lords
and neo wealthy Chinese
I always remember
it was your shoulder
that was the best
I would not trade you
for a bullet proof vest
in Falliuji

cira 2003
looking into the 
eyes of the 19 year old
Marine who was 
about to shoot me
cause he loved his country
just like me
and we both had a mission
but the bullet proves
he was right
Cases decides would
have been greater
if he was in his own
back yard

Worlds far apart
changed their orbit
the day we met
the future became
clear and the time tunnel
swirled and spit us
out creating a new era
where love truly transcends
time and for forever
means something
when the talk concerns
me and you
translated simply
take the Taj Mahal
or in a deathly case
the pyramids
no monument to love
could exceed your grace

As the world dies
our love stays alive
and baby love is all that
might be left behind
of this human experience
if I am not a God today
I will be one tommorw
going to make miracles
to save my baby
to keep all the dingos

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