Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hawking Kind of love Song

Crazy about you and that
is a short description
cause what I feel for
you is way way deeper
in my mind

Like the kind of reverse headaches
that follow when sightings or even thoughts
of you transpire
like a deep sleepy slurp
flowing around my temples
and eyes
making me feel stranger
than anyone Else
who has ever been alive
but in a good way
a feeling not well described
because it has never been
felt before with such intensity
like the northern lights always
burn bright and put on such

a spectatulare surrealistic
totally reality night show
and when a solar flare strikes
the world in exactly the right
way the atmosphere ignites
in a display of otherworldly
and that's basically what happens to my
brain when any event real or imagined
strikes me as being you

This phenomena seems permanent
and what a beautiful curse
to be stricken in love with
you could not make life
no more no problem
it does not matter I have
this covered time
where no matter what
there is no worse

Crackling Ionosphere
every time you come near
or are far
or can appear anywhere
even places Google will
never map
bring it on
my head can handle your
drug inducing head alarms
that ring so true
baby baby wonderful lady
I am so totally and universally
in Steven Hawking's terms
infinitely in love with yo

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