Sunday, 6 December 2015

Festival of lights

Cars where driven
and GPS was used
but still lines were
crossed that should
not have been abused
but they where

Words were said
that cant be taken
but it still remains
totally unfair

Monday morning the drive
in will be as usual
on the radio
and nothing will have 
sometime the frequency 
of life gets crossed up
but then it reverts
to normal
every day is meant
to be the same

People shooting each other 
up and themselves as well
the MAN building empires
and us just water in
that well

Janes Addiction
they said it all well
even before legal
it was just another form
of medieval orthodoxy
that you hook the holi poli
as a means to a proxy
for workers are addicts
cause they love the cash
and you can make
them do anything to 
build their stash

Time takes a cigarette puts it in your mouth
you pull on a finger 
then another finger 
then cigarette
is that really the 
whole hand

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