Saturday, 4 June 2016

Things keep going until they stop

The 2016 Summer Games in Brazil will be a big speedometer
letting us know how close the 6th Civilisation is to zero.
Jah Man only Jesus can save it.

Cable car to surgar loaf mt

I was in Rio during the time of the civil war in Lebanon, at that time the US State department concluded Lebanon was a safer place for Americans than Brazil. As I Canadian I felt very safe there, but all joking aside it was a very dangerous place for civilians even then. Things have gotten much worse.  Latin America is our dystopian future. Maybe speaking latin was too much.

Maybe some hope, cause I had a excellent time there. I have visited most of the so called great cities and Rio has a vibe that is number one.

That red Canterbury shirt was also number one. I totally endorse thier clothing.

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