Friday, 3 June 2016

Once again I have to defend the Jews, come on guys do I have to do everything for you!

I am a culture junkie and have the street creed of travelling to most parts of the world to back it up. Never been to Israel, don't believe in the first testament, but I know if there is a culture the world would not regret emulating its the Jewish one. The Koreans, Japanese and especially the Chinese are way more Frengi than the Jews. If you think Jews are about money
that's your opinion, but I say that culture is the thing they bankroll. 

Look around our world today, what do you watch, who are the old masters, what brings joy to your life. Yep at least 20% is Jewish if you believe in fractals. 80% if your Netanyahoo,

I am going to say something very cruel here. The Palistineians are a beatan people who refuse to go to the police to get help. Nihilisim is beautiful to the suicidal.

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