Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Not winning with winning deviations

Jt has started to play politicts
way to much and he should
have hired me to keep him out
of dutch

Nannygate a non sequetor
that made him surrender
it reminds me of the time
Robrert Dinrio
eliminated Sean Bean
in the Ronin

Look folks I am the CEO of Canada
and compared to the private sector
I get paid peanuts but almost every
decision I make is more in economic
terms a tidal wave compared to the
private sector

Its public service I respect that
and I do not think being PMO
should pay unrealestic unaccountaple
salaries like the private sector.
But hey man
I am the guy
who has to wake up every
morning and deal with
a infinate number of files
that many times even if it
was only one
would crush the best of people

I work with a budget
for my office
and considering
the extreme pressure
there are lots of things
that the voters could never
imagine flowing to them
but compared to the private
sector I live like a monk

Stephen Harper took this
allotment and bought a hair dresser
now he had two kids
I have three
so perhaps if I was
not so familie
I would have taken
better care of my hair.

The fact is I have a family
just like every voter
I am running this country
and for anyone to make an issue
of the family budget
is the worst kind
of hipocracy
and in 4 years
you can vote in the canditate
who is most monklike.

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