Saturday, 4 June 2016

The rich man have their TV in the bedrooms of the poor

Not my words
Canadian words
so true

And now the teli is breaking down
I no longer watch the news
cause its worse than eating processed
as a  means of self elimination

For me the final straw was the New York Times
promoting the Gulf war
clown show
and so it goes and so it goes
but the people expect more
and we have leaned 
like the cockroach university people that
we are
is that just because your on TV
it does not make you a reality star
we know the news is bullshit
all the economic facts are cooked
for great headlines
but the lives we live
are more an more
on tenuous hooks

The City of London decicdes 
if we go down or 
choose to survieve
and 5 times before
humankind has been forced
to shop at this store
and every time
the shopkeeper
has said fuck it to lower
I got the invisible hand

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