Friday, 3 June 2016

I am alvie

I googled for some stand in spot
which could be my substitute
but nothing
came up except Celion Dion
and despite her
I would rather be anoymes \
than have her brand
on my canoe

Yes I have solo paddled
crystal clear silent waters
Lake Redstone Haliburton Ont Canada

where the echo
of a loons song
was a G
we cant measure
but will someday
because we want to capture
every experience
and sell it somewhere
and thats all that seems
to motivate us
is to make a buck
a better app
that will trap
more tourist
or muppets
and give us
money for the day\
to sit on the side of
with a friend and expropriate
life and what it means to be alive
and it nothng to do with webhiits
or social registry

We are born naked and die

that way and inbetween
we love to take our clothes off
more than anything
despite the graphic
that may offend
I love my body
and see no reason to
make an issue of it with
my friends
and especially my lover\
who is a beautiful today
as yesterday
and will be forever
she just has that kind
of extraordinary power
and its something
I never knew
but was glad to discover

I am alive I am dancing
I am singing
I am doing all
kinds of goofy human things
because I know
when the sun rises\
in the morning
I have a way back
to life of a humam
I can still bleed
in Technicolour

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