Monday, 4 April 2016

Warring I hope its not to late, cause I can not predict earhquakes, but climate change is so real

Do you truly love anyone?
Do you know what it means
to be filled with joy 
just because they are
beside you voluntarlly
no handcuffs
no robots
no Scarlet Johanson
just real people in 
love doing the 
day to day

That world is about to be upeneded
if you do not strike now
and it may be too late
but at least you can tell
your contrecptioin
it was too little to 

We are facing down the big extiction
and the powers that bee
are still foucued 
on banking
sorry dude
when climate change cums
your ATM is goo
and you got no chance
to be a bad boy
cause its all

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