Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Keep Playing Baby

why keep on keeping on when
you cant keep up
thats a question
that separates 
the men from the sheep
no matter how beautiful

The harder they fall
the more Jesus is real
its programming
and I can not be coded

No one can save me 
but me
bottom line
that's the mathematical result
and it also tells
me math is hard
and I will never
master it
so just get over it
and survive

Everyone plays the lottery everyday
not to the extreme of those 
who play or wish to play pro sports
or be actors or politicians
but we all compete for a few spots
on this world
we call work

and now the fucking robots
are taking away the 
low hanging fruit
making a good legal case
for being a luddite
just like Malthous
a few centuries too late

If we could all live like Germans or Austrians or
even the French
life would be
a delicious

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