Monday, 11 April 2016

Listen to the sound of your own voice

Listen to the sound of your own voice
cause if you look at anyone
who has risen
like a phoniw
they had done tha
against all odds
but the greatest of
saw low hanging fruit

Yahoo had humans searching
Google brought in programming
and what will happen to humanity
when demcracy is decisted
by the hive mind?

This world is a pretty fuck up place
with injustice  everywhare
I say to evreyone do not get caught
up in this place
their is no solution
their are ideas
and their are
any culture or gorverment
that can not rise on its own
we can give no help
and in the case of North Korea
if they get more
send in a nuke drone

Bringing it back to local
jobs are a fucking joke
there is no opporitmtyu
and we are dismal
as we spoke
except unless you can be excellent
at being a slave
like in the move
12 years
where the women
out perfromed and got
killed as a reward
myabe it did not help
she was involantaryu\
fucking the owner
cause the wife
was chaste

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