Friday, 1 April 2016

Dog eat Dog world

There is nothing wrong with that if
you want to achieve
but what is the result
will you be human
when you take your pension

We are animals and we have
denied that
but its true
so lets embrace that

Tribal ways are something
we need in our mix of civilization
free of Gods will
and priests who
take great libertiey
in what they describe
in particulatr I want to single ou
the Roman Catholic Church
they deny sex to the ministers
for a simple reason'
no Pope children controlling the
but they never imagined
people woud never
or mostly not believe
there are few people on this world
who are thinking that Jesus survieved
or even existed
cause we know about Contistine
and the 300 and
this is Sparta

Humans the smartest monkeys face
an extessential crises
and we have little chance to survies
but if we all saw the math
in the equation
we could do our best
to achieve what
we were given
by our DNA
that is to be
top of the food chain
for whatever reason
the will of God
or just random
math distilled over
millions of years
into an overriding
planetary authourity
whose judgment is
revealed daily
not as going wit

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