Monday, 4 April 2016

Been ruff I am barking like a purse dog

As an intergral part of the globalized Harper economy I provide expert services for consumer of olgoploies. Basicly I take the shit that pays the dividends quartaly. I am measured by how well I can use stupid human tricks to transform a wolf into a sheep. Thats job one, then sell them some sunshine to go with the darkness that prepetually fills the screens. Outage in Arizona, Zombie are in control of the cable again. Ghosts in the machine talk to me everyday, they are pretty old like the software we use to control the flock and the fold, but the shareholder dont care, they got lots of connections that never fail. A call center is a great campus of humanity. We got PHD, Masters and actual computer scientests pitching to the crowd, everybody has some kind of certification, so far the robots can not learn even the simplest things, or more likely its cheaper to go full third world than invest in the best tech. Everything written in search of excellence is not part of customer service. Its more like in search of the best way to make the squeaky wheel go away. We are the long distance riot police keeping the mob at bay, handing out trinkets and justifying pepper spray.

Ocupational hazards exist in every profession, a call center professional has to be mentally tough because the consumer is ruff, and we get to take it all, kick the dog cause the tv is on the blink, thats so common we do not even take time to think and say thank you for the abuse, we apprecaite you as a customer so much being a punching bag for all your frustrations is totally illuminating and pays
$12 an hour plus commisions. It really is the future wave of the new ecomomy so people unless you want a revolution get used to it, its going to last a long while.

Like the Hunger Games and other thinly disguesd concerntration camps there are guards and they use all kinds of humane tactics to keep the holi poli on the freeway. Just as an aside the Jews do not own a copywrit on camps, they were invented by the British during the Boer war, not one Jew was harmed in the pioneer phase.

Today the powers that be are way more clever. They provide opportunity to the prisoners who volunteer to be inteered daily, to buy the products that keep them poor, while the masters feed the politicians everthing to keep them pure.

The best movie about shift work ever is the Grey Zone

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