Friday, 29 April 2016

Today I realize I am an old white man racist bastard

Never heard of being triggered before
its the faint echo of Post Tramatic
I cant handle the truth syndrome
shit happens and some one has to
clean it up.

For centuries that worked until
the cleaners realized
what I am doing
is not natural

What triggered me was
Jeff Healy park
and the teens playing
the zlyophone
long after dark

Everyone who has ever lived
was at one time a teen
you want to fuck with them
you fucking hypocrites
let them be

Give teens everthing
because when they grow
up they will rule this world
and get off my grass
has been well proven
over and over
a stupid answer

I am a true bastard
born out of wedlock
never knew my father
and my mother
is a deliverance aunt

I grew up free of predujice
because we were homogenous
and islolated from the
real world

I knew a Jew
and saw a black man
in grade six
I saw no need to take any
other opinon

Then I grew up
and realized the world
was a patchwork quilt
of people and cultures
trying to eat
a fixed pie

Wealth creation
is all bullshit
is real Adam Smith
you eat
you live
you have more food
than you need
you progress

I am 57 years old
I was born out of wedlock
in 1958

Born into our oto
of religious authenty
makes no differance to me

Should I defer to people who
were marriad and did not
abandon me?

No fucking way
my envy of their
should motivate me

But it does not
and thats my point
we live we breath
and most never take
into account as I have
being a diffulct birth
another prospective

Yeah Men not me
have a mistriss
everytime if they
can jump the hopes
of folly
at the power

So much easier is to
be in love and
grow old with your
but for those masters of
the universive
a trophy wife
is a matter
of faith

I gotta wife
and she is
as the chomogram
on the space ship that
sank on
planet of the Apes

Yeah she is so white
you should see her skin
Irish and Polish genes
making something
that causes men
to do that bezerk

Now for the world
I wish I could do
the same thing

We funny humans
have a history
and everthing
you see in the
mass media

This is so important to undersand
like if you invested in APPL
in 1979. like no legs
from Foresst Gump

Truth is all an illusion
when its all made up
and we make up everthing
every day
tell me that you
never had the time
to play

Blacks, Arbos, and Native peoples
seemed to never have got the message
we ar living in 2016

Now is that their fault for being intitunaly challenge
like a genis\
that joined the cour de bois
because he or her liked

Great Apes rule this planet
and we are on the sixth round
draft pick of success
and if you want to go]
somewhere besides
episode seven
appriiate everyone
and especially the JEWS
they have no special wisdom
just a momentum to compete.

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