Thursday, 12 February 2015

The NHL trade deadline

Butch Goring, the hockey playing grandson of Herman Goring changed the hockey universe. That statement was false on so many levels that it tells the truth.

Hockey used to be a pro sport like curling but with raised brooms.
I worship the legends. Maurice Richard in my heart is the greatest hockey player ever. Nowdays if we move to statsitical anayslis I wonder where he might lie.

The reason that modern wanna be legends can not reach the level of past heros is simple. Global competion, world class training, and brown pop reluctance.

I played in the beer leagues and anyone who played pro hockey in the golden era would admit players peed more often and more clear than anything
anyone could imagine today.

The glory days of Hockey were great right?  In any historical context the orginal six was a mickey mouse mousetrap. Two of six teams were owned by the same guy. I dont know if their was cannon fodder on every team, but a handful of players soared seemingly unreastrained into history while the others where mere wallflowers at the school play about bees.

It was the Russians that changed hockey from a lazy sport to a skill bubble.
The 1972 Canada Russia series was determined by Bobby Clarke when he broke the ankle of the best Russian player. Canada was united by his sacrifice.

More importantly Hockey learned that being fit and rigours systems could no longer be ignored.

Hockey players entered the bubble. Everyone lives in the bubble.  Its a world fantasy you live on that can break at any time.

Professional atheltes are differant from you and me in many ways. Yesterday someone with a natural inclination could be a hockey star. Today someone who is not so smart can take that place on a hockey team.

Anyone who has ever played a video game knows being pumped up
and perfect on the blow test does not detirmine victory on the course of leading libertry on its course.

Sports is a legimate way for humans, mostly male to satisfy their bloodlust.
Lets not talk about it but if you watch Vikings you know
that after you have killed every animal\
you got to kill a man

Now we exist at a computer level and advanced stats.
Is this going to make hockey better or worse should be the question?
I submit that future hockey will be as interesting as watching me play civilization.

Churn is a word for the cost of making something no longer productive
productive. Hockey is near a churn point.

My point is that in the NHL today trades are microsopic investments 
that give at the best big molecules.

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