Sunday, 8 February 2015

Re Write the code and do not hide the fact

You do not have to repeat this message twice like all those commercials that run back to back with the same message. They do it because even though you know its stupid and you tell yourself you will never buy from those idiots, it works.
A bug in the code could lead to the ultimated disaster: 
The Blue Screen of Death!

I have no idea if Apple or Andoroid users face this screen of humiluation that causes one to bow down to a higher power. Its not like there is a Pope with one answer. A simple user can escape death even in the worst cases by re installing windows. But the cause of death remains and if not corrected you will die again and that will make you turn your laptop into a frizbee faster than Mike Tyson getting angry. So if your using a computer like I do, you gotta fix the code
or your life will be permantly blue. Like living in a constant state of Alert.

Trying to recover lost gold.This is alert and generations ago people choose to live there over being eunuchs. This has been going on up an down for long before recorded history. Just ask yourself what else would compel a human to live there except the threat of of cock cut off.

I wrote something beautiful that was Walt Wihtman. And expiated even over that.

So now I left to explain a failed enterprise of ecoluton,

There is a code that controls everything. Baby bears living alone know how to survive having seen a 308 lead bullet shatter their mothers eye.

Perhaps that is the salient point. Do you want to see lead fired at various velocity determine your future?  The world we know is based upon sharp sword and hot lead or depleted uranium.  The question I ask you is did the finger on the trigger lie? American Sniper tells us the truth. He killed everyone without remorse, which I believe if I was put in the same situation I would do without remorse.
bUT as part of the solution its not there. For Clint to do this angry old man
thing makes me wonder if we have a future as a human race/

What I wanted to say plain
is that the world spins around
and that is something humans
will be far tasked to change

But right now on our very real world
way to many people or perhaps enterprise
cheer Kim
No not the Korean
because that is someone
to admire

We cheer a fat ass
and that mean nothing
as the world we live
in proscribes

But in real life it means something
it means a little bit
of humanity is scored
Humans can not focus
between a fat ass
and gravity

Humans face extinction on this planet
thats what the smart people say.
Sure I do not trust them
as I can not do math
and they are so full
of it
I am so Canada
so full of wonder
that such a country
could exist in a world
so full and willing
to do the most 
harmfull to bring

Yeah little greasy terrorists
I want to roll up the rim
at Tim Hortins
and win
Thus giving me the
chance to burn that 
motherfucker in hot coffee
until they could no longer
make a case
they were some kind 
of cream

The war on terrorism is 
as doomed as the war on drugs
we all inhaled and
most pleasant

There are a one in a million crazies
comming after you
overwheliming in the Canadian
expericene will
indicatre they
where recent refugees

The Jew wrote the code
yes and you do not 
have to hate Bibbie
tio disagree

Its like echloen when 
something could be prevented
but we should bring down
twin towers
to persever
our jobs
that is what 
I was told

Jews are going to be
in your face every day
and I tell you as a gentilte
its far better than
having my cock cut off
or my daughter losing
her clit
sometimes you just have to admit
I want to live undisturbed
and invent a better world
that censerhip
would see
as absurd


  1. I had double the bandwith of expression on this file. It disappearded. No CiISSS on file.

    1. I really feel I said something special and some one wiped it