Monday, 23 February 2015

Sharme on the past!

I have have done many things
with diminishing returns
and most if not all  of these
collectibles could be called

A human life need adventure
like a break dancer needs
a broken life
we need no more stimulation
than to live well

Somehow living normal
has become a liability if not a disgrace
and we should all aim for the 
stars despite the fact that in most case
the Koch brothers own them
and getting into their Galaxy means
you are not first

We live in very troubled times
but we are way better than our
ancestors who faced way worse
lets just take a moment and think
about how privileged we are in 2015 
and how it has nothing to do 
with superstition from above

If the human race could lose superstition
as a political base
then maybe we could
harness the sun
and evolve into
the chosen one

I see the world today
as more aware
of every bogyman
but they were always there
what we have today
is the analytics to 
keep them away.

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