Friday, 27 February 2015

I am fighting with Dr Bethune

Of all the freedom fighters in Canadian History
none is more famous or has greater 
modern acknowledgement
than Norman Bethune

He went to China
to help the communist
overcome the 
Kum in tong

His side won
and his place in 
history was
by many factors
to permanent greatness

Fast forward to today
Steve Harper 
would have 
taken his 
passport away
and stripped him 
of any medical licence
long before he 
even thought of getting

If they rounded up all his friends
it would shut down the U of T
and still if would be called
and action of democracy

Today we have two classes
of Hemingway fighters
those who fit the template
we admire and fund
those who do not
are Muslim or Russian Scum

Now I am old enough to appreciate
that humans do 
thing inappropriate
but to think that 
one side in a conflict is
morally correct and the
other is vacuum deficient
will not bring victory to either side

For sure the ISIS forces are
the worst of the worst
but are they in the employ 
of the CIA?

You want to read somethings unredacted
that will send a chill up your unicorn spine
look at the dispatches from Vietnam
if this is not enough
how about Abu Greve
or Gitmo
the point is that 
when it comes to war
there is no high ground
just two warriors 
in full armour
trading broadswords
hoping to rebound
on the high ground

Do those bad ass mutherfuckers
fight for me?
Thats the reality
bad ass motherfuckers
what would they do 
if we did not have 
prisons to contain them
or wars to entertain them?
They might come to your 
neighbourhood and declare
that now they were the 
local warlord!

herding cats is hard
herding humans is impossible
but still at university we
study ways to understand

Civilisation is like a decaying sun
its going to burn off  20% every day
until it burns down
The only import fact in that 
equation for human kind
is the timeline
is billions of years

Now back to Bethune 
who made an impact
on a billion people
of that we should
not be suspect
he did it without
modern propaganda
or agenda
he was
he wa
was was he
do it right
and the people will remember
and no one so far
can plan that from above
its just in history
he was

Where is the Spanish Civil war
when we need some kind of line 
in the sand between wrong and right

Syria, Iraq and Ukraine are all rolled
up to me in some kind of magical
CIA game

We fight in Syria with Iraina allies
and we want to take the Sunni city
of Mosul
with our Shia allies
who hate our guts fundamentally
and why are we here
because of oil 
but at the end of
the day why not just
hire EXXON to  produce
a better result in the 
same way
harming one hair
on an child?

The price of gas goes up
while the price of oil tanks
that is the mind
of the people we 
should employ to make a 
civilization mastermind
becauase aside
from eatint and drinking
and expelling
its all imagination

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