Thursday, 26 February 2015

Do it yourself electric car comparison

       2002 Insight          2015 Smart
Cost $5,000 $27,000
Curb weight 838KG 900KG
HP 150KW 55KW
0-60 5 sec 11.5 sec
Drivetrain $20,000
Batteries $8,000
Interior $4,000
Suspension $2,000
A/C $1,000
new paint $5,000

As a practical matter it really makes little sense. In Ontario Canada and many other places you get a government rebate. In Ontario is $8,500. Therefore you could get a fully loaded convertible SMART for under $30,000. 

However buying an electric car today in Canada has nothing to do with practicability. The  $50,000 Insight would be one of, if not the most impractical cars on the planet, but I would feel fully charged driving it around. Just image all the people you could freak out at the lights. The Insight was built on an all aluminium version of the Fit. So unlike the SMART which handles like a fork truck, you are going to have the fastest and most fun to drive car on the planet. And the world will love you for caring.

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