Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Everway the world flows
someone is caught in the current
and even thought 
they were elected in good faith
the possibility exists that
they were blind
otherwise there
is no explanation
to the world
that we have
when politicians
go so far off plan

How bad is the next person
as bad as yourself
what would you do
if some magical elf
dropped into your lap
the keys to the kingdom
we can see by lottery winners
not much

Reaching higher has become an 
exclusive of the NBA
it seems the world is cooling'
down in the face of global warming
where everyone is only interested
in thermal exchange
of the secure kind

It a race between science and superstition
that should be on some kind of scoreboard
so that every night after the weather
citizens could see the real picture
of what human kind is doing
to overcome the worlds might

We can do everything and nothing
that's our fate.
One of these outcomes
will be our epitaph.

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