Tuesday, 20 March 2018

I consider myself a 100% non malable Canadian. What does that mean today

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No woeman would say I was
not a man they would detect
as a bad choice
because of hygine
in general

but IMHO a Canadian likes
to flow outdoors
not in a toliet
thats me I like
to pee
in the trees

The Canadian Identity
is in the traps
of the tappers
ask Marshell
he would agree
with that
and more
that I understood
him more
than Jerry Sienfild
who if he comes
to this blog
I will gladly
dress him

The Canadian itentiy
is lost in this world
it means just
live,  just live
do not care
what the neighbours
are doing
just live
this world is
going instict
because of
climate change
and the oil
which was
like whale oil
running out
if you want
to see our
debacle look
at how
killing mammals
for profit
worked out

and pehap they

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