Saturday, 31 March 2018

Bought a Communist Phone today

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Just to be serious for a moment because we are talking about money
and that a subject free of any other impression except the absolute truth.
If you follow the money every crime will be something upon which law enforcement or as I like to call the LEO's will drop the dime. Buying a cell phone today has a big LEO fix in the pipeline. Once you hook up you will never be alone. Is this good or bad? The biggest moral question of our day. The other big question is why is so much of life lived illegally.

I just got a P10, its my third. I had a Blackberry Pearl which was a POS as a smart phone. At that point Blackberry should have blown up the management, then like NORTEL they could have stayed relevant. My next phone was an Apple 5s. It was a Star Trek like device. I still have it wrapped in its Otterbox cocoon. I use it as a camera, itunes, and most importantly
an alarm clock.

My new job. My new job looks to me what Guy Lafluer saw when he was steaming over the blueline looking at the goalie.
In this scenario I am the salesman and the goalie is the customer. I could really win the Stanley Cup here.

The biggest problem is it will interfere with my writing of the book:) Why cant I write the fucking book. Its not that I am
100% lazy, no I am only 90%. So I could squeak out something right!

Bonus point for you readingbif you know what I was talking

I am talking about my purchase of a cell phone banned in America because of concerns it would be spying on the American public.

I am sure your scratching your balls wondering how
that can happen. Cell phone that come from America
are all sealed in a perfect God created membrane. The first time you use your phone you might see a little moisture that looks like blood. No the phone had not just taken your DNA.

As you know I have always been worried that due to my
brilliance the Chinese will make me a Euech and then offer me a contract a ehenech can not refuse.

I gotta tell you all my fears of having my cock cut off
disappeared when I saw this phone advertised
on hockey night in Canada.

Yeah I got a HUWAI. Why did I risk the family jewels and more to make this purchase. I only put in this sentance to remind you I am talking about buyin a Chinese phone
that was banned in America for spy issues.

Projection. as we all know all American phones
spy on you 24/7 and use that personal data to lauch
military force psyc ops on the individual to change the vote.

I am not afraid the Chinese will change my vote. I am like the people who know advertising can never effect me.
If I vote for Andrew Scheer at the next election I promise
to go for therapy.

Bottom Line Bombardier when you have a target you
drop the bombs. For all the people who think Trump is an Idiot I feel sorry for them that they have zero comprehension.

He is a king who would not sign the Magna Carta
it was a bad deal.

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