Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Gonna tell the truth one time

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I expect this telling will
be the end of me
because what I am going
to say is 180 degrees
off orthodoxy that
keeps us slaves
to the medieval

First you have to respect
the Roman Empire.
Second you have to respect
the Chinese Empire.
Now I may have gotten
these two remnants of ancient
history out of sorts
maybe the Chinese 
were greater than the Romans
all I know is the the Chinese
ruled more from guile
than fight

The best thing about
history is the same
rule of archology
you dont really need
to keep the dates
right to make
a compelling case
for a long ago 

Now for some hard
truths for those that
are wrapped in them

No serious person will
dispute that the earth
that we live on is
more than six billion
years old

Just an aside
climate deniers will
point out that some times
in this long cycle the earth
was hot. Love it they
embrace science

But what they do not
embrace is the undisbutible
fact about the amount of
carbon in the atmosphere
we know from taking
ice from a million years
ago and using science
to determine how much
green house gas was in
the atmosphere of the long

Science know things
for almost a matter of a fact,
We could learn something new
about gravity tommorw
but it would not mean
we all launch into space

Atmosphere is something
I want more than breathing
when I am atmospheric
but in reality I gotta
breathe something

Well folk
I speak to you
close to ten billion
souls now living
mostly parasitic lives
on our planet
Dudes I dont 
condemn you
you are just
doing the
on a prison

We can do
it all the way
without new
just spend
the money
we use for 
the potential
of killing people
to save the planet

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