Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Pre crime Pre Profileing

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What you did not know about me, and I will tell you
now is that I am a profiler. I profile everyone
and everything in the pursuit of excellence in my life.
A badly designed garbage can
could live a stink in my life
diminishing my tremendous performance
I dont know what would ever
happen if I needed
a hair job
because that seems
to be the ultimate vanity
not trusting God
to reveal I am bald

Anyway like Sampson I have
all my hair approaching 60
and all I worry about
is not being taken serious
by all the bald old men
because they dont
know I am

suri generous
special like
the northern lights
in Montreal
when God gives
you a light show
its all good

The world is going
to fuck like
a low use
toilet on a 
number two flush
it just keeps swirling
but cant handle
such a big

Seriously start 
imprinting all 
your personal photos
in Titanium
now I know it will be
monochrome exhibitions
but the people of the 
future will fill
in all the colors
and spice of life
because no matter 
what you try and do
to control
a human
they still have
an imagination

Stephen Hawkings says
we have 100 years
and I doubt
no the big Deep State
will never allow that
its nots as if
they are stupid
they have ruled
the earth since
day one
and for every empire
that has collapsed 
someone has prospered
but to do it over and over
again means
that we are fools
and the dice are loaded
and their is really no
freedom my friend
but on the internet
we need good lawyers
to betray the cynicism
my thoughts bring.

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