Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Never believe in what you believe if you want truth

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we will win the cup in 2018
this is one of my predictions you can take to the bank
and get a mortgage on a house the Chinese have flipped three times
Donald Trump will do something Presidental
after a decade in capitvity Julian Assage will be
released and will rape a bobby just because
Sean Humanity will admit he is a slumlord just because
Hillary Clinton will promote tap obs made in Russia
The US will invade Syria to make sure ISSIS does not fail
Benjamin Netanyahoo will get a billon dollar commission on a sale of a
rare Lawrence of Arabia auto bighrpfy
the price of your cell plan and interet will exceed your mortagage
if you have a house
otherwise your living at starbucks
and their stock soars
cause you are a bandwidth sucker
biggest hit of the year in the movies
is Patpong 911
where Vin D saves sold girls
and they love him forever
big time
Slavery is declared legal
along with child laBOR
THE bees get a commicail on Bell
to protest thier extinction due to
bascially taboacco
we know about zpg
and everbody lied
it would make\
everything in human\\
history irrelevant
operation paperclip

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