Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Eric Scheer is the new con leader

The previous goverment cut off Russiand strippers infiltrating our most sensitive maned areas.

The Russian threat is a joke with a nuclear punchline.

Speaking of nuclear meltdowns we have a new Conservative leader who graduated directly into politics and this makes
him very qualified in medieval studies. He should make an impact telling Canada that immunization caused the black plague.

Otherwise in a rapidly deteriorating world I am a slowly melting icicle. Its time for Justine to tell the world and the intelligence if you want live move here, Russia or New Zeland. I have been to New Zeeland my friend and it make Great Britian seem progressive in attitude, but as a people
so friendly to the blue eyed me. (my eyes are actually grey
and I suffer from eye colour discrimination, I have a doctor that promises he can make my eyes blue, and I will be crowd funding this wonderful transformation :)

Leftovers - the best trash in the universe
American Gods - first ep made anything after so hard to follow
w but its crashing my dreams
Designated Survivor - Trump anti hope for the future
with some torture thrown in
Into the Badlands - I am going to be selling my own brand
of Kantana.
The 100 - if I ever sleep with a women not my wife
she will have black blood
Handmaiden's Tale - so dark, so true, but they should have cast ladies the men would think aboot.
Dr Who - sorry I am no longer sixteen
The Expanse - out of circulation but still pumping blood
into a atmosphere that can not begin to use its excellence

In summary if I depend upon prime tv shows to tell me
anything or even if I should look forward to Sunday night
its all a dream. Lots of fluff but no airbags stitched into the silk sheet and foam of magical properties.

The network news or even the print edition is just bogus
on both sides. Humans for the first time since you learned to print you will decide whaT FONT  rules. Its that subtle.
In a war where the image is stronger than reality and makes
the sword look like a letter opener in a buggy whip world.

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