Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Internet Lawyers Dystopia

Image result for images of fast lane internet
Faster better stronger
we want our speed
who would stand
in the way of progress
well it appears
some god dammed
hippy lawyers
who are tripping
on communistic
and greater community

You put a restraint between
me and my Facebook
and I will put a shotgun
in your face
you try and stop me buying
faster at Amazon
and I will welcome
you to the jungle
lowest common denouement
better call
way of thinking

Its criminal to prevent
the progress capitalist collectivism
can bring to the consumer
saving time channeling hate
we are all one big corporation
and we provide commerce
and who is against supply and demand
well it seems
pesky lawyers
and farmers
and drivers
and parents
but we dont care
because we make
the rules
making you 
pay gold
for talking to 
tin ears

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